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Thank you for taking the time to stop by! In the future, I will divide my posts into two categories: Sobering Truth Facts and Booze in the News.

Sobering Truth Facts will describe new medical or sociological studies on alcohol as well as historical facts of interest. In addition, we’ll cover political and governmental issues relating to alcohol. Booze in the News will keep you up to date on the the ongoing tragedies of alcohol in daily life.

We need Sobering Truth Facts about the dangers of alcohol to keep reminding ourselves that the world is wrong for glorifying it. Too often, we’re told of alcohol’s supposed health benefits. The media acts like it is not the huge social problem that it is.

We need Booze in the News to transform the reality of alcohol’s dangers from the abstract to the concrete. We need to see the senseless insanity of people making idiots of themselves on a daily basis and the media’s relish for recording it digitally and in print.

In many ways, this blog will serve to continually update the information presented in my book, The Sobering Truth, and the presentation I made enumerating the health hazards of alcohol called Informed Consent which is presented on the DVD of the same name.

If you have children or friends who need to hear this message, send them a link to this blog. When it comes to alcohol it really is true that what you don’t know can kill you.

Jeff Herten, M.D.

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