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The Devastating Mayhem Caused by Alcohol

She was fifteen, ready to party, and got so drunk she passed out. When she finally woke up she knew something was terribly wrong. Her vagina was throbbing with pain. Looking down, she was horrified to see pen drawings on her abdomen with arrows pointing downward. The next school day, there was a hushed group […]

Alcohol and Stroke

While all you read in the media is glowing reports of the health benefits of alcohol, the scientific data, buried on the back pages of medical journals, continues to incriminate alcohol as a killer. In a recent article in Stroke: a Journal of the American Heart Association, investigators reported that people with high blood pressure […]

Welcome to the Sobering Truth Blog

Thank you for taking the time to stop by! In the future, I will divide my posts into two categories: Sobering Truth Facts and Booze in the News. Sobering Truth Facts will describe new medical or sociological studies on alcohol as well as historical facts of interest. In addition, we’ll cover political and governmental issues […]