Death, Disease and Despair by Alcohol…

What You Don’t Know Can Kill You

It’s not that you have been lied to; you’ve just been told a limited portion of the facts. Narrowly defined, ” moderate alcohol consumption” lowers health risk from cardiovascular disease. But it increases risk for various cancers, hepatitis, osteoporosis, immune suppression, accidents and suicide.

Helen had no family history of breast cancer and none of the other known risk factors. But the lump in her breast was diagnosed as intra-ductal carcinoma and she did drink alcohol regularly. Several studies have shown an increase in breast cancer associated with alcohol intake. One study demonstrated that women who drank a glass of wine a day had a thirty percent increase in breast cancer over a group that did not drink at all.  Alcohol also increases the risk of cancer of the mouth, throat, esophagus, stomach, liver, rectum, possibly the colon, and probably the pancreas. Yet the alcohol industry’s publicists would have you believe that moderate drinking promotes better health.

Based on the author’s many years as an M.D., The Sobering Truth is to the alcohol industry what “The Insider” was to the tobacco industry. This is the first book to reveal the negative physical impact of alcohol consumption upon health in the detail that only a physician could provide.

The Sobering Truth provides in depth explanations of:

  • Health problems caused by drinking
  • How alcohol makes you drunk
  • Death from acute alcohol poisoning
  • Death from chronic alcohol poisoning
  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
  • The process of a drunk driving arrest
  • A series of questions to determine alcoholism