Alcohol and Cancer: The Tragedy of Michael Douglas

It has been several weeks since Michael Douglas announced that he has advanced throat cancer. The media buzz has faded and Michael is left to his five per week radiation treatments and living with the fear that he has a deadly disease. Michael has squamous cell carcinoma of the throat which has spread to lymph […]

Alcohol and Stroke

While all you read in the media is glowing reports of the health benefits of alcohol, the scientific data, buried on the back pages of medical journals, continues to incriminate alcohol as a killer. In a recent article in Stroke: a Journal of the American Heart Association, investigators reported that people with high blood pressure […]

BOOZE IN THE NEWS: Rip Torn’s probation denied following drunk break-in of bank

Rip Torn, 79-year-old Emmy winning actor, had his request for probation denied following a January, 2010 break in of a Connecticut bank. He allegedly broke into the bank after a night of drinking. He was carrying a gun and stated later that he mistook the bank for his nearby home because they looked alike. At […]

Welcome to the Sobering Truth Blog

Thank you for taking the time to stop by! In the future, I will divide my posts into two categories: Sobering Truth Facts and Booze in the News. Sobering Truth Facts will describe new medical or sociological studies on alcohol as well as historical facts of interest. In addition, we’ll cover political and governmental issues […]

Local Physician Bolsters Student Awareness of Health Effects of Alcohol

“I’m a recovering alcoholic,” said Herten. “I feel a calling to try to communicate with young people to steer them away from what are some of the incredible social and health hazards of alcohol consumption.” Herten, while holding on to his professional life, used to be what he calls a “high-functioning alcoholic.” He said that […]